Expert concierge application service to The Queen's Awards for Enterprise

We’re dedicated to helping businesses to gain recognition for their achievements in the fields of innovation, global trade, sustainable development and providing for social mobility. For most, The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise represents the pinnacle of success for corporations across the UK. Our white-glove service handles the entire application process from start to finish so you can remain confident your organisation is represented in its best light.

Risk-free promise

We know how time-consuming and expensive applying for an award can be. That’s why, if we think you’re a suitable candidate, we will handle your application on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. There’s actually no downside to trusting Bayleaf with your application. Even if you are unsuccessful the first time, there’s no additional fee to take the feedback from that initial attempt and craft a second business award application. Our concierge service handles every stage of the process from eligibility through to helping you leverage the award in your marketing presence.

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    What are Queen's Awards for Enterprise?

    The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognise the best of British business and innovation. Across all categories, they acknowledge the place of UK development or global impact on a massive scale. You can apply as a for-profit or non-profit company; although volunteer groups are encouraged to apply for the bespoke volunteer service award. Applications each year are processed and the winners announced according to this timetable.

    What does winning do for your organisation?

    Winning such a prestigious award garners press and worldwide recognition. It is expected that the commercial value and employee engagement with your company will grow as well. The award is valid for 5 years and allows you to use its emblem on your packaging, stationary, ads, website, social media and so on. You can also display The Queen’s Awards flag at your head office location; along with the Grant of Appointment certificate and crystal trophy. After your award is announced, you’ll be invited to attend a Royal reception and one of the Queen’s reps will visit your company to present the award. It will also join all the other winners in the official public record of The Gazette.

    Who Can Apply?

    Before you access the application form, each category also has its own eligibility questions to complete. And these eligibility checks are detailed, important and non-negotiable. But overall, to apply businesses can be for-profit or non-profit but they must be based in the UK. And you need to prove that you’re a socially responsible entity. HMRC needs to have records of your Company Tax Returns and you must market under your own managed enterprise with at least 2 full-time UK team members or that part-time equivalency.

    More About Queen's Awards for Enterprise

    What are the categories?

    Your business can apply on the basis that they are innovative, practice sustainable development, contribute to international trade or promote opportunity through social mobility. For each of these categories, additional proof is required. For example, to receive the award for International Trade, you must prove that you:

    • Have year on year growth following £100,000+ in overseas sales during the first year of international trade
    • Demonstrate outstanding growth for your business size and sector
    • Have constant upward growth for 3 to 6 years without any trading slumps

    The full eligibility requirements are listed here.


    How does the process work?

    We help you manage the whole process. Our team of experts will evaluate your business against The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise eligibility requirements to determine how many awards you should apply for. You could apply for all four categories or just one; depending on your company profile. We’ll help you prepare for the vast number of checks associated with each category too. When you start your application, you’ll be asked for personal details first. Following that are The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise eligibility questions and then your supporting information. There is a phone line and email address operated by The Queen’s Awards that you can contact for support, but our team can answer any question you may have as well.


    Why choose Bayleaf?

    We’ve been helping individuals and companies like yours get the recognition they deserve for years now. That experience in successful nominations provides us with increased confidence that our team of expert writers and project managers can oversee your winning award. Let’s talk today about how we can help you build your legacy.

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