What Services Do We Offer?

Our Services

We have developed three types of service offerings to help businesses -
small and large, new and established to win Business Awards.

What We Can Offer

We provide everything - except the high costs!

There are three types of service that we provide:

  1. Full Nomination / Application – We work together on a single award application – we offer significantly lower pricing than our competition, usually at least 50%. If you find anybody cheaper for the same service, we will beat it.
  2. No Risk Nomination – We work on a business award nomination that fits your needs. If the application doesn’t succeed and doesn't result in an award, we offer around 2-4 alternatives to also apply for (at no additional cost) and if the 2nd round doesn’t succeed, your entire fee is refunded. (This is unique in the industry.)
  3. Award Strategy – We can develop for you a three year award strategy showing how to win awards at increasing levels of impact – what you need to do internally to make that happen etc. We analyse your business and the way that business awards can support your strategy - and develop a plan to get you to achieve those goals.

Why Bayleaf?

We established this business to be fit for the digital era - remote teams giving in-depth expertise and a flexible approach to produce results faster and cheaper than the established consultants.

We put our money where our mouth is - if your current consultant doesn't offer "No Win, No Fee", then maybe you should come and talk to us instead. If we don't deliver a result for you, you get your money back. Simple as that.